Iffley Vets is an independently owned veterinary practice and, when you register with us, we gather personal information about you in order to clearly identify you as the owner or carer of the animal(s) you present to us and to allow ongoing communication with you about their care, including discussing signs, symptoms and treatments as well as for notification of results and/or giving additional advice.


  • This information will include your name and address (and may include copies of supporting documentation) as well as one or more telephone numbers and/or email addresses which you agree that we should have.  We may also have a record of your date of birth if you had appeared under 21 years old at registration.  We shall regularly check that this information is still correct and you can ask to see or review this information, and request changes to it at any time by giving notice of at least one working day.  In some cases we shall have a record of any disabilities or special requirements/preferences you may have so that we may more effectively fulfil our contract with you.


  • All personal data will be kept secure, only accessed by authorised members of staff, and will not be passed to any third party without your prior consent.  This may happen when referring your pet to another vet or if you should move/change vets – we shall provide the minimum amount of data required to allow your wishes to be carried out and for us to meet our legal obligations.  Wherever practicable, we shall have already obtained a copy of their Privacy Notice before forwarding your details, to confirm to our satisfaction that your data will be handled correctly.


  • You have the right to request deletion of your personal data and if we cannot agree to this we shall notify you of our reasons, we must maintain full records (ownership and clinical notes) in most cases for seven years after last treating an animal.


  • In order to provide a more comprehensive service in maintaining the health and welfare of your pet(s), we may ask for your consent to contact you with reminders, warnings, promotions or general advice and information (such as a newsletter), this will be specific and you may choose your preferred routes of communication.  This consent will automatically lapse/be reviewed every 15 months and you may withdraw consent at any time. Occasionally we may seek a temporary consent during a phone call, in which case we shall record this fact with your details and seek to confirm it when you next attend our clinic.


  • It is likely that some clients wish to appoint an agent to instruct us in their absence regarding treatment of their pets – in this case that agent will have to consent to our storing their personal details.   In the case of an overriding welfare concern, where such consent is absent, we shall act in the best interests of the animal before us.

As legislation and certain procedures within our business change, we shall update this notice accordingly, the latest version will be displayed at reception and on our website.
If you have any concerns or queries about our data processing or this Privacy Notice please email us (info@iffleyvets.com) or call for an appointment (01865 242600).